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Dare To Dream.....And She's Off !

Updated: May 8, 2019

Well here I am, finally doing what I have so long dreamed of. I do this with both tremendous excitement and a healthy fear of the unknown.

I have always worked in a structured environment. I knew what time my day was starting and what time it would end. I knew what my pay check would be and when I would receive it. These are all things that comfort us in life.

We all long for structure and consistency and therefore find it extremely difficult to step

outside that box into something that represents so many unknowns.

As humans, we have a way of talking ourselves out of anything that might cause us stress or anxiety, even if it may also bring us good fortune and great joy.

It is those of us who are brave and daring enough that reap the benefits, the financial ones and the ones that money can't buy.

So, I welcome you to join me on my journey of doing what I love - delving into the world of staging, decor and redesign and realizing my dream of giving life to space and love to the people who live there.

I thought it fitting to finish off with one of my favourite quotes

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