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We offer a wide array of services to meet your needs and budget. In today’s competitive home selling market, it's essential that your home stands out. 


At Upstaged our consulting process starts as soon as we arrive at your street. We take note of your neighbourhood and the surrounding homes as if we were the potential buyer. 


We do an in-depth analysis of your homes interior and exterior. The analysis is then presented in a detailed report, which is discussed with you as the homeowner and your agent. 


Our goal is to work together as a team to make your home market ready, have mass appeal and sell quickly for top dollar.

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Vacant Property Staging

An empty house makes it difficult for potential buyers to see themselves in the space.  Empty rooms seem smaller and lack warmth. It is said about 90% of people cannot envision furniture in an empty room, making them question whether their furniture will fit. 


Buying a home is an emotional process and emotions are evoked from seeing the total package, not rooms that are empty, cold and uninviting. Upstaged will warm things up by adding furnishings, lighting, art and accessories from our inventory to quickly turn what was once just an empty house into someone's new home.


Staging is creating a positive first impression to appeal to the widest array of buyers. Most buyers start making decisions about a prospective home as soon as they are six feet from the front door. Therefore, it is essential that they like what they see immediately. 


Upstaged will create harmony, flow, balance and symmetry with handpicked furnishings and accessories to give your home that wow factor. We work together with you, the homeowner, to provide customized services that best meet your needs and budget, while always keeping in mind staging is an investment in a sold sign.



Downsizing can be an emotional and exhausting experience. Working in an industry for years that sold smaller homes, I witnessed firsthand the struggle people had over deciding what to keep and what to leave behind. 


Upstaged can reduce that stress by giving you an objective opinion on what would serve you best in your new home, while also incorporating some of the pieces that you love.


We can stage your present home to look its best for potential buyers and help you in your new place to create a space that will look and feel like home.


ReDesign & Decor

No matter what your style, we can create a space that reflects your personality while being functional and meeting the needs of your lifestyle. 


Perhaps you are looking to simply enhance a room or two or give your entire home a facelift. Keeping with our belief  to recycle, reuse and repurpose, we will combine your favourite pieces with new ones to truly create a space that is beautiful and refreshed.  


Whether moving into a new home or enhancing your present home, we can help you transform your space from simply a place to live to a place to love.

Holiday Decor


Let us give you the gift of time during the holiday season by taking away your frustration and giving you a Christmas wonderland that you'll be proud to share with your family and friends.


Showcasing is using your furniture, lighting and art in such a way that it highlights the best features of every room. This not only sells the spaciousness and beauty, but also the lifestyle your home affords. 


Every home has potential and at Upstaged we can help make your home stand out to buyers, making them want to call your house home

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